When you walk into our school you will be struck by our collegiate sense of purpose and ambition to improve the life chances of all the children who walk through our doors. You will be met with a calm and purposeful atmosphere, focused and confident pupils, diligent and committed members of staff.

Our educational offer is focused on developing individuals who are Healthy and safe and who will become proactive and ethical citizens; it will encourage ambitious and enthusiastic learners who are creative and confident collaborators.  Our curriculum will be well resourced and develop the technological skills of our pupils. It will be underpinned by the encouragement of the health and well-being of our pupils, a strong emphasis on reading development, the offer of investigative and creative approaches to learning, the principles of inclusive and value led education and through coverage being relevant, broad and thought provoking.

A variety of enrichment opportunities and experiences will be offered across the school, which will inspire and develop our pupils’ knowledge, skills and enthusiasm. There will be a deep sense of justice and equality; we will celebrate the great depth of diversity, as well as those things we have in common as a school community, ensuring everyone has a voice that will be listened to. A school community will be developed that ensures our core values permeate the curriculum and are reflected in our interactions and actions. All children will feel safe and secure and will be responded to as unique individuals, they will be encouraged to develop outstanding behaviour for learning in order to reach their full potential. An inclusive, secure and aspirational community will be developed with a strong safeguarding culture and ethos.

Our staff will be highly trained and effective individuals who are committed to our shared ethos and high expectations; they will have drive and passion and constantly strive to improve standards. Support and development will be offered to our families and to our governors in order that they are equipped to play an active and effective role in the education of all our children. Our school will be a place where dreams are realised and aspirations nurtured. It will be a place that unlocks doors of opportunities and guides children at the start of their lives to become competent and confident citizens of the United Kingdom and the world.



Mission Statement 


At Stonebridge School we offer an integrated, exciting and relevant curriculum which is enriched with a variety of experiences. We have high expectations and put children at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make. Through careful analysis, evaluation and review we ensure that all children make significant progress, are safe and reach their full potential. We value the contribution of all stakeholders, believing that collaboration and consistency is key and our commitment to training and development for the whole school community ensures that the service we offer will always advance. Through the balance of academic and value led education, which reflects our motto "learning for life" we will ensure our pupils are rounded and confident individuals who are equipped for their next educational journey and their place in the world.